About us

Do you need that extra wow factor to impress and gain client confidence? Do you need to validate your design intent and deal with issues before breaking ground? At IMAGN we can take your vision and turn it into reality. Through our advanced modeling, rendering, post production, report and visual presentation techniques we can show your project in a way that all stakeholders can easily understand and evaluate- before it’s too late. Low on time? We understand. With time dependent projects (aren’t they all?) we can turn around basic intent drawings very quickly and refine definition and detail as soon as possible. Want to save money and you’re currently using 3D drafting software?  We can usually get 3D exports from most major drawing packages- this will save your time and money! Feel free to contact us for details. We pride ourselves on being flexible, approachable and take pride in our product.

We deal with all project scopes, from small renovations, domestic properties to major infrastructure developments. No job too big or too small. We can show you, and your clients your design intent well before breaking ground. No IMAGNation required.

Jamie Lawson- IMAGN

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