Find a list of major services below. If you have something inĀ  mind that isn’t listed, let us know. We’re an extremely talented and diverse team of professionals, chances are, we can do whatever you need!


If you’re working in a 2D environment for your architectural/ engineering documents and you’re keen to digitally present your ideas, we can transform those drawings to 3D models for illustration in our rendering software. Once modeled we can experiment with colours finishes and lighting analysis to get the perfect end product!

Digital Rendering

Once your project is digitally modeled (either by you or us) we can start the fun part! We import your model into our rendering software where we add an advanced environment that can demonstrate real daylight analysis and shadow studies. We then refine with material selections, site geometry/ constraints and any other project requirements- the possibilities are endless. We can add your project to existing site photography (montage)- we even have professional photographers on staff to take the photos! A typical project would include a number of both external and internal fixed images. Whatever you need, we can accommodate!

Types of Digital Rendering (both interior and exterior):

  • Basic level rendering would include a clay model render to help communicate scale, form and general intent.
  • Developed design presentation will include basic material intent but not to a realistic level.
  • Refined perspectives will include realistic materials and surroundings. This may include global illumination, reflections, transparency.
  • Finalized perspectives will include global illumination, reflections, transparency, the addition of existing site photography and entourage (people, cars,trees…)


Animation and Videography

Animations and real video presentations are highly customizable and story boarded to your requirements.


Real-time animation

Real-time animation is the future of architectural/ engineering presentation. Imagine your development with the ability to navigate freely in the way a video gamer would explore a virtual world. Self orchestrated animation allows you and your clients to spent time exploring unbuilt environments, refining design decisions and solving problems before construction. This WILL save you time and money.


Project Photography

Got a finished project that needs to be added to your portfolio? Entering an award? We have you covered- our staffed pro photographer has the latest hi-tech gear and advanced techniques that will represent your hard work in its best light and produce an impressive set of images that will be an envy of any office.


Graphic Design/ Printed material

Do you need a poster, report, marketing brochure or brochure? We can produce and print to your specifications. Contact us to discuss.


Anything else? Just ask!




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